News: 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

September 1st, 2016

In August of 2016 we issued our annual customer satisfaction survey to all of our customers.  Despite a challenging year for many in the international trade industry, we are happy to report a high level of customer satisfaction in all areas.

SmartBorder Application

Result: 4.22/5

In 2016 we saw many updates from Custom’s ACE program and Participating Government Agencies (PGA) integrations. We knew this would be a challenging year for us as a software company having to implement the changes, but also for our customers having to adjust their business process with the new updates.

We sought to minimize disruptions and make the new functionality as easy to use as possible. We are pleased that we were able to help our customers successfully transition to ACE.

Regarding the SmartBorder application, our customers had this to say:

  • “Happy to have your firm as our trusted trade partner.”
  • “Very good team to work with. Caring and takes ownership!!..very good”
  • “A little amazing that we didn’t see any problems from our side.  I’m sure SmartBorder went through a lot, thanks for all your hard work and dedication.”


Customer Support

Result: 4.37/5

A critical part of our business, customer support, received high marks from our customers. We produced knowledge resources and hosted webinars for our customers to learn about the changes. We knew our customers would have questions so we aimed to provide fast responses.

Regarding Support, our customers gave additional feedback:

  • “I may be a bit tougher than most clients by virtue of my extensive experience, but your staff always rises to my challenges so I am happy.”
  • “Your services are very good and we appreciate your help when we are in need.”
  • “You all are great! I get exactly what I need when I ask.”


Moving Forward

As we plan for 2017, our customers can expect to see us continue to increase our investments in technology and customer support. We want to continue to prove our value to our customers, everyday.