SmartBorder™ ISF

SmartBorder’s ISF web based application is the ideal solution for any organization required to file additional data elements under the CBP 10+2 rules. Self-filing importers, their service center or an authorize party can input ISF data through SmartBorder’s on-line web portal, while customs brokers and freight forwarders can use our ISF service center module and its established links to our flagship ABI application.

Everything you need for easy ISF filing.

Reduce data entry.

Allow your suppliers to contribute to the ISF directly in the application while maintaining security over your confidential data.

Easily find and fix errors.

Line level validations put you in the exact field where there’s an error – extremely useful when processing large transactions.

Increase productivity.

Supports full integrations with SmartBorder customer databases and customs entry. Combine it with a robust EDI integration to automate the ISF filing.

Intuitive and highly customizable.

Intuitive cataloging for vendors and parts with customizable EDI messages both in and out of our system make SmartBorder ISF one of the most flexible software options out there.

Product Features
  • Stand-alone module available for importers or brokers
  • Integration with profiles (profiles, transaction parties, product lists)
  • Integration with the entry – will drop fields into the entry from ISF
    • Manufacturer (or supplier) name and address
    • Importer of record number / FTZ (Free Trade Zone) applicant identification number
    • Consignee number(s)
    • Country of origin
    • Commodity HTSUS number (up to the 6 digit level required, 10 is accepted)
  • Portal customization allows for streamlined procedures for each SmartBorder account
  • User/entity permissions allow for the creation of client user accounts. Client users can enter data and
  • Data validations – prevent rejects and transmission errors
  • Export e214 to an XML file to easily import into another system
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Available as a standalone tool or integrated with our other applications.

Our applications work well on their own or integrated together. We are flexible. Whether you need to license one module, or implement our entire compliance software suite, we have a cost effective plan to suit your needs. Plus, expert-led training is always included.

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Hosted on the Internet. Accessible from anywhere.

All SmartBorder applications are SaaS-based which means they are hosted on the internet, accessed, and used through any PC with an internet connection. Using SaaS based software saves your company time and money with no IT resources or dedicated hardware required.

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Pay-per-use. No long term contracts.

Our ASP-based platform offers you an extremely cost effective billing model. A small, one-time licensing fee followed by a pay-per-use plan with no locked-in contractual obligations. The best part is you pay one license fee, regardless of the number of users and locations you have.