Logistics & Supply Chain Overview

SCMProfit and the SmartBorder compliance suite. Two powerful solutions integrated for ultimate efficiency. Take full control over logistics and compliance without interruption. Improve logistics while streamlining your border crossings. Leverage the best technology to your advantage.

Leverage technology and lower costs.

Logistics supply chain managers want to leverage technology, keep costs competitive, and make working capital work harder. The solution is SCMprofit, our supply chain management platform that optimizes every link in your supply chain. Visibility. Control. Insight. Integrated with SmartBorder and supported by experts in every function, from logistics to compliance.

Powerful integrations.

Integrated with SmartBorder compliance plus INTTRA, GTNexus, ERP, and financial systems.

Total visibility.

Get all the information you need with customizable reporting, dashboards, milestones, and alerts.

Complete customization.

Customize for how your business operates as well as for how your customer operates.

Logistics + compliance. Save time and money.

A seamless supply chain relies on an integrated software solution. With SCMproFit and the full SmartBorder suite of compliance applications, you get the best of all worlds in one powerful integration. End-to-end logistics side by side with compliance. Plus, you save time and money through shared data that reduces data entry and eliminates redundancy and error.

Reduce data entry.

Shared databases mean you can store your customers data and access it from both systems.

Easily see updates.

Important status updates are shared between systems making it easy to see the latest update.

No features sacrifices.

No need to choose a system that is strong in compliance and weak in logistics, or vice versa.

Backed by world-class training and support.

All of our applications are backed by world-class training and support with licensed brokers on staff as well as a comprehensive archive of support documents, CBP information and tutorial videos.

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The SCMProFit Suite

Freight Forwarding

Solutions cover end-to-end operations for forwarders.


A fully featured Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Project Logistics

Ensure on time delivery of project equipment.

SCM for Manufacturing

Enable complete control over manufacturing supply chain.

SCM for Distribution

Maximize efficiency across warehousing and distribution.

SCM for Supplier Collaboration

Collaborate smoothly via end-to-end supply chain visibility.